Welcome to my space…

My name is Paula

My background…

I’m from a little town in the south west of Spain called “El Vergel” in Alicante Province.

I have been modeling for 10 years and I have had amazing life.

I’ve traveled the world and met amazing people. I have been on touch with so many different cultures and learnt so much from them. I have always being  driven by my intuition and by what I feel it’s good for me.

I have been aware about the fact that modelling is a short career and it would be only a bridge for me, a vehicle to something else and something temporal.

That’s why while modeling I studied journalism. Then I got very passionate about health, food, and how the body works so I decided to go into that direction and I became nutritionist.

But I didn’t know how to start, how to make it work, how to apply it, how to make it compatible with the kind of life that I want to have…

I knew That I wanted to make changes but I simply didn’t have anything to work towards or lack the support to do it. I was feeling lost, I was in this uncomfortable but necessary life transition moment. 

Sluggish, unmotivated, disconnected and deflated… I didn’t have a sense of direction, almost like playing a waiting game just to get back in the swing of things.

Then I met Ben…

In this point of my life I met my handsome, sexy, funny, intelligent, ambitious, inspiring and humble man @__benjames_

He was using a health system for 8 years so as a very curious person that I am, I wanted to try it.

I’ve always been finding different ways to bring my health to the next level and to be on the peak of the healthiest people in the world so I’m pretty open to try new things. But I started with a lot of skepticism.

I didn’t like the packaging. I thought it was just a “lose weight” thing. I thought eating just whole foods was enough, I thought… , I thought…

I knew what I knew.

I’ve tried everything that I heard was “beneficial” or “healthy” to see what works for me and how my body responds to it (cuz everyone is different): vegan diet, raw vegan diet, keto, low carb, low fat diet, gf, etc…
But any of this wasn’t sustainable for me in long term.

But after 1 month on the system I was feeling a sense of balance, more vitality, better skin, a significant increase of energy… Little things within me were just in the right place.

So I started to share it organically with my nearest (the same we do when we find an amazing restaurant that we like, right?) and they were getting also amazing results and I was getting compensate for supporting them. 

Can you believe it?


My propose

And I finally knew my propose, that’s what I wanted to do.

So I started my own online business with zero experience inspired also from my boyfriend/mentor’s story: 

He started 8 years ago with no experience and couples years later left his job as a bricklayer (that was 7 years ago). He has travelled the world ever since teaching what he learnt. The crowning glory of his success was that (himself and his sister Peta) they were able to retire their single Mum of four from her 38-year teaching career buying her back some time she gave up to raise them.

Now we live in Bali and we want to share with all of you this opportunity to create a new money story and to be part of the community @tcrcollective

An established, ever-expanding community of young and passionate men and women who share in the values of health, self-growth, freedom, integrity and who want to leave a lasting impact through holistic wellbeing.

Through connecting people to the best no-compromise, proven, holistic wellness solutions there are, and support in creating empowering personal change. Not only physically, but in many aspects of wellbeing. Including increased self-worth, confidence and decreased financial stress.


We incorporate an intelligent business model that can be leveraged within the community as an added benefit to those who really believe in what we are creating, and the results they’ve experienced themselves to create a secondary income.

We continue to partner with like-minded people who share in our values and align with our vision, and by 2024, together we will impact the lives of 10,000 more people for the better. Having already seen huge success within countries like Australia, the United States and Canada has lead to massive excitement to stretch the impact already being made into Europe and the globe.

We have created this together due to the fact that many people feel like us, are craving more and want to be a part of something bigger than just themselves. However, simply lack the support and community who encourage them. There are so many people who feel stuck, uninspired, feel a lack of hope that things can change and who want to feel more connected to others, but also to a bigger purpose. And through our programs, systems and our community, we are providing a space for people to grow into the greater expressed version of themselves that craves to be seen while having a lot of fun along the way.

Who this is for?

If you are feeling that time goes by feeling like yet another day could have been used better and no sense of forward movement in anyway was felt.

For those looking to break into better habits and feel a sense of progress and trust in their growth with the accountability form others craving the same. Not just health and wellness wise, but intentionally in other important aspects of self-care that would create direction and purpose.

  • For Those who are truly ready to create great change for themselves and become a positive example for those around them.
  • People who feel trapped, exhausted and fed up with not seeing the results in life they know they are worth experiencing.
  • People who have a growth mindset, who are open-minded and are coachable. Who value integrity, gratitude, fun and freedom.
  • Those who don’t feel like they have the support they need, lack connection and want to belong to something bigger than just themselves.
  • Those who align with our communities vision, values and who are down with positive vibes only!

If this sounds like you and you want to learn more simply fill one of the forms that you will find above and we’ll take it from there.

Thank you so much for taking your time for reading. 

I hope so many people could get benefits from this too.

Cheers  💫

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